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First Spark: 2023

Solid-State Sunlight emerged from the isolation and reflection that accompanied the COVID pandemic. A solo studio project, wil._.ln is the principal songwriter, performer, engineer, admin, et al…
Slippery percussive grooves, electro-inspired basslines, cabinet-rattling analog synth, crunchy guitar textures, all swirling beneath hacked melodic vocals. Inspired by a broad assortment of influences, the music contains echoes of so many artists: Prick, VAST, VNV Nation, RATT, NIN, Carpenter Brut, Bauhaus, Skinny Puppy, to name a few.

The first EP, “ExoAnthro” is out right now! It is a concept album that introduces a variety of characters struggling to find their place within a tangled man/machine future, each at different points in their own self-awakening. The term “ExoAnthro” itself speaks to containing something distinctly human, while also transforming into something entirely different. Click here if you wish to delve deeper into this world, or visit the Music page if you’re just here to enjoy the jams.

From juddering modular synth expressing vulnerable moments of newborn singularity, to darkpop sparkle where machines discern fact from inference, to a stompy, cathartic bass-driven rant against obsessive hyper-consumption, it’s a journey worth witnessing.

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