Solid-State Sunlight

Industrial Rock for Neural Nets

Handcrafted in Colorado, USA


  • Makin’ some Merch

    Makin’ some Merch

    After Nathan showed me the ropes, I snagged a cheap, old-school thermal press off the internet and am crafting some merch. This first run is focused on OG durability and style: Gildan heavy cotton T-shirts with the primary band logo on the front (back has band name printed across the…

  • ExoAnthro CD is in the building!

    ExoAnthro CD is in the building!

    Physical CDs of ExoAnthro have arrived safely and will be entered into inventory this weekend. Spent a year creating the damn thing so it’s pretty cool to have a physical object to hold in my hands and curse at. 😉

  • First album, ExoAnthro (EP), available everywhere

    First album, ExoAnthro (EP), available everywhere

    I am very excited to share that Solid-State Sunlight’s first full album, ExoAnthro (EP), is now live on all streaming platforms.Check for it everywhere you stream your tunes! ..or use this site’s Music page to navigate directly to the album on any of the streaming platforms listed there. Bonus: the…

  • First EP, ExoAnthro, available today on Bandcamp

    First EP, ExoAnthro, available today on Bandcamp

    Today is the day! After releasing a couple of singles over the past few weeks, Solid-State Sunlight’s initial album (EP) is now available to stream and/or purchase on Bandcamp. Per usual, it will be available everywhere else (streaming) next weekend, but for now this album is available exclusively on Bandcamp.…

  • RealFeel (single) available everywhere for streaming!

    RealFeel (single) available everywhere for streaming!

    The digital dwarves have completed their toil and RealFeel (single) is now live on all streaming platforms. ExoAnthro (EP) launches in a couple weeks, but until then the two trailblazing debut singles are out there on the internet. Share and enjoy!

  • New single, RealFeel, has been released!

    New single, RealFeel, has been released!

    Solid-State Sunlight’s second single “RealFeel” was released on Bandcamp a couple days ago, and will appear on streaming services in the next 24-48 hours. Check it out on Bandcamp or head over to the Music page to hear it on your favorite platform! “This is a driving, multi-layered industrial-rock track,…

  • Streaming platforms online!

    Streaming platforms online!

    It has taken longer than anticipated, but the major streaming platforms are all serving Solid-State Sunlight tracks and the artist pages have been claimed. (Deezer is the only remaining laggard at time of writing) Check out the Music page to browse the list.Releasing via a Distributor carries with it a…

  • High-Volume Playback system maintenance

    High-Volume Playback system maintenance

    When mastering a track I often find it necessary to play back at high volume on a simple system (e.g. stereo-only). My studio monitors are decent, but they kneel before the bellowing, grindcore rig that was given to me by a dear friend who was stomping around Chicago’s industrial scene…

  • Modular Synth upgrade

    Modular Synth upgrade

    Now that the final masters of ExoAnthro are in the can, I am finally able to make changes to some of the studio gear. Wooo! Had this AstroNoise module sitting in a box for several months (PRO-TIP: eurorack modules make great holiday gifts!) and felt like it was calm enough…

  • Temporal non sequitur

    Temporal non sequitur

    First track has been released on a single platform and it feels great! ..but also weird. There are a couple more singles, plus the EP itself (which includes full OG versions of the ‘single’ tracks) that I still need to release. Plus, there’s all the distributor-wrangling to ensure timely delivery…