Solid-State Sunlight

Industrial Rock for Neural Nets

Handcrafted in Colorado, USA


  • Debut single “Hope is a Drug” goes LIVE on Bandcamp

    Debut single “Hope is a Drug” goes LIVE on Bandcamp

    As of today, April 15th, the debut single “Hope is a Drug” has been released on Bandcamp. Reception thus far has been positive and overwhelming (in a good way). Each of the tracks on this first EP are very special to me but I will spare everyone the flowery exposition.…

  • Debut single ‘Hope is a Drug’ drops this week

    Debut single ‘Hope is a Drug’ drops this week

    It’s happening! Solid-State Sunlight’s debut single ‘Hope is a Drug’ goes live this week. Current plan is to land on Bandcamp mid-week, with broad streaming distribution becoming available on Friday, April 19. Check it out in all the usual places via the Music page, or follow the Social links in…

  • ExoAnthro EP & Single audio complete!

    ExoAnthro EP & Single audio complete!

    Mastering of EP & single versions of the tracks included on debut album, ExoAnthro, is complete. Wrapping up graphical work on album cover art, then release cadence will commence. Tentatively targeting 4/19/24 for first single, Hope Is A Drug. Another single will follow a few weeks later, followed by full…

  • ExoAnthro EP in Final Mastering

    ExoAnthro EP in Final Mastering

    Been hard at work these past few weeks, carefully mastering and leveling to hit loudness targets specified by various distribution platforms. Any artist who’s done this can attest that it’s crucial, but also a mountain of tedious work. The end is in sight now, though, and the sleep I’ve been…

  • Website goes live!

    Website goes live!

    After much swearing, grumbling, and raucous typing this website has finally gone live. Still a lot of things to fix, but glad to have a web presence to build upon. Using early proto art assets for now. Will get real assets along with streaming platform and social links up in…

  • New album underway

    New album underway

    Writing, recording, and whatnot have been ongoing since summer of 2023. Really proud of what has emerged thus far. Stay tuned! Slow start, as I opted to migrate to an entirely new DAW. Oof. Also had to build out the studio a bit, which takes time. This is a solo…